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A very professional relationship was developed with the team working on my case. They have EXCEPTIONAL service and worked with sympathy and empathy. They certainly looked after me on many occasions, for which I am truly thankful. THANK YOU!!!!

Geri B.

In our Clients Words

Given the situation I was in, the firm was very professional about giving me and my wife the best advice and support. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm to anyone in need of direction or support. I would like to thank the firm for their help.

- M. Gomez

Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles County

When you sustain a personal injury or have lost a family member due to wrongful death, your life changes drastically. It can seem overwhelming to deal with issues of physical recovery, medical bills, the inability to work and emotional suffering. Hanasab & Associates strongly believes that accident victims are entitled to a fair compensation for the trauma they have endured. Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely try to undercut your settlement amount in order to minimize their financial losses. The team of attorneys who work with our firm will work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

We Address the Specific Legal Issues in Your Unique Case

There are many ways that people become injured, and accordingly, there are numerous areas of law that protect people based on their injuries. Our skilled legal team is highly knowledgeable on the unique aspects that accompany different types of personal injury or wrongful death cases. A motorcycle accident case will have different implications than a car accident case. Likewise, there are different issues to address depending on if you sustained a head injury as opposed to a spinal cord injury. We ensure that our clients understand the unique issues that are specific to their cases, and we make sure to give each client the personalized attention that their case demands.

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